Looking for a Catholic Doula? {Where and Why}

I'm going to make this short and sweet so that you have plenty of time to visit some beautiful Catholic women committed to supporting you through birth. Because that's what a doula does...

The doula enters into the heart of the Culture of Life: the birth room... and gives her time, energy, skills, and love to help make that significant moment a time of great peace and joy.

How does she do that?  I'll let my good friend, Mary Haseltine {Better Than Eden} tell you. She happens to be an amazing doula... and a faithful Catholic...

"The role of a doula is becoming more and more valued by the wider community when it comes to birth.  Especially as the medical system stands today, the presence of an experienced, loving, knowledgable, confident other woman can make a tremendous difference in a mother and baby's birth experience. Studies show that women with continuous labor support are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births and are less likely to have Pitocin, pain medication, epidurals, negative associations surrounding their birth, the use of vacuum or forceps during birth, or a cesarean birth.  Their labors were also shorter and the newborns had higher Apgar scores upon birth with a noted decrease in newborns being admitted to the NICU.  
That's kind of a big deal."
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Yes. Kind of a big deal. And for women of faith, having someone there to support you in those intimate moments who also shares your love of Jesus Christ and His Church? That's pretty sweet.

I've opened a page on this blog to help Catholic doulas advertise their services for free because I think it's that important. Click away and read about what they do and who they are. All of these women abide by the Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity to the Catholic Church. I have communicated with all of them personally (some are dear friends) and add them here with confidence and gratitude...


There are five states currently represented and I'm looking for other Catholic doulas I can support and promote here. Do you know any? Please send them my way so I can send them instructions on how to be included. They can use the form below to quickly and easily get in touch. 


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