How to Finish a Blog Post {In Two Months}

The best way to get material for new blog posts is to get the heck off the computer and live life. The worst way to get material for new blog posts is to get the heck off the computer, live life, and enjoy it so much that you don't want to ever come back. My current happy problem is that my heart and life are so full from my break that there's a traffic jam at the entrance to the circus tent... and all the crazy is stuck inside. So I'm just going to let a few of the animals and clowns out one by one, randomly, until I can a steady groove going again...


Is awesome. Hard. Hard. Hard. But beautiful... like the Cross. I have no idea what kind of homeschooler I am (somewhere between Tidal and Unschooling and Freak-Out-Because-It's-The-End-Of-The-Year-And-Where-Is-My-Checklist homeschooling). I don't adhere to any one methodology except one: All for Jesus. I would prefer a more defined and detailed mission but my limitations keep me realistic. I'm no education guru. I'm simply a mama fighting for the good.

Does it work? I guess we'll see. In the meantime, I love what my kiddos have been up to. Here's a sampling of what my high school junior (rising senior) has been doing:

College plans are progressing as well as a more serious focus on seminary discernment. With these things on his mind and heart, he's been writing...

Learning the Priesthood: The Role of Altar Service in Vocational Discernment
Yes, it's an article about how his experience in an all male altar server community set fire to his interest in the priesthood. It is also an argument for the reinstitution of an all male altar service in the Church at large.

Because Homeschooling Works: So Says a Student 
This article was pretty much my homeschooling consolation for the year.

Goodness to Greatness
A little college discernment... a little philosophy.

If you'd like to contribute to his formation and discernment, he is currently raising money (and working hard himself) to go on pilgrimage to Rome and looks like he's going to come up short for the deadline. We'd love to send him but it's outside of our family budget. As homeschoolers, we've never asked anyone to buy a single magazine from us... consider this his once-for-all school fundraiser. ;) Priestly Discernment Pilgrimage


The Catholic life itself should be so completely enmeshed with a pro-life worldview that we shouldn't need a separate category. However, our culture isn't particularly Catholic and so... we wear cool t-shirts... and enter contests...

We participated again this year in the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week Photo Scavenger Hunt. Just like last time, it was completely wonderful and terrifically exhausting. We hope to win, of course, but the greatest good to come of it really is bringing the pro-life message to many different places and people as a family. We could write a novella based on our adventures with chapters like: The Missing Paddle Boats Lead Us to Mood Rings, The Shattered iPad, Hay Bales at Midnight, and She Threw Up in the Car Twice.

Also check out Jessica's NPLTW family adventures at Shower of Roses.


When the Catholic Women Blogger Network started organizing regional conferences a few months back, I thought it would be a good (albeit crazy) idea to offer to host one in Ohio. So I immediately invited one of the most talented Ohio gals I know to get a little crazy with me. She said yes... and now, Brooke Taylor (of The Sacred Sink and Saint Gabriel Media) and I are co-hosting the CWBN Ohio Conference at the end of the month. To say that I'm excited is simply a huge understatement. It's going to be fantastic. Registration closes on May 13th so if you blog, are in the region, and can make it, get on that!


Some of us currently have it more than others. Since no good mommy blog post is complete without a gratuitous photo of the youngest child, I'm running with the anxiety theme and highlighting my toddler; the girl who has recently awakened to the reality that the world is terrifying. Trucks, dishwashers, bulldozers, big men with beards, large crowds... all things that I'm afraid of, actually... but I no longer fit in a trash can. I am forced to reconcile with scary things. But it would be awfully nice if they made these in mommy sizes.

I have so much more to share and unpack but this will have to do. When I'm not blogging, I still manage to keep up with other forms of social media.  I'd love to stay connected!

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