Involving Grandparents in Your Homeschool: Common Objections

Grandparents truly can be the secret superpower of homeschooling. Unfortunately, I don't think many of them know how much value they have or how much they are really needed...

It is not always easy for our parents to understand the impact, for better or worse, they have on the heart of our homeschools; and I think they should know. The treasure they hold in the gift of life and talent which God has bestowed on them should not solely be used for the amusing distractions of a quieter life of vacations and novelties… but poured out into the legacy of their children’s homes.

How can they contribute to homeschooling? It is a good question that isn’t always easily answered, particularly considering the complexities of familial drama and confusion about what homeschooling is. I’ve compiled a list of obstacles that homeschoolers have experienced that I've shared over at TAN Homeschool … and perhaps these can help some families tap the rich and powerful resource of generational love.

If any of the following obstacles sounds familiar, stop by the TAN blog for some concrete suggestions on more fully involving your parents in the lives of their grandchildren...

  • My parents aren't interested.
  • They don't think they have anything to offer.
  • They say they don't know how to teach.
  • My relationship with my parents is strained.
  • Both my parents work and aren't available during the school day.
  • My parents are tired all the time.
  • They hate the fact that we homeschool.
  • My parents are too busy to help.
  • My kids won't behave for my parents.
  • My parents don't want to make the commitment.
  • They don't think they know anything of value.

There was also a great question posted on the TAN Homeschool blog which I thought some of my readers might be able to answer. If you have any suggestions for this mom, please leave them in the comments here or over at TAN...

Excellent post. I would have liked an additional section on how grandparents can participate in homeschooling when they live far away and only visit once or twice a year. They can do many of the things mentioned during their visits, but what can they do over the phone, via Skype, etc.? My mom reads aloud picture books for the little ones and listens to the older ones read aloud, but I’m sure there’s more we haven’t tried.
Posted on October 26, 2015 and filed under homeschooling.