Good. True. Beautiful. Miscellany. {Links and Pics}

I've gathered a few of my favorite links and Instagram pics of the last months to share with you. A little bit of Good, True, Beautiful all mixed in... to inspire you (and remind me) to love well, make positive changes, and rise to JOY!


This is a hard hitting article by Elizabeth Foss about the reality of Catholic motherhood. This is not really about homeschooling or not homeschooling... but the carrying of the Cross of motherhood. And that troublesome thing called free will. Doesn't mean we should stop fighting for holiness in our homes (quite the contrary) but that the long view involves a suffering love that crushes our fixation on formulaic victory. Victory will always always look like the Cross... and Joy only blossoms from the seeds of that eternal love ... 

What I'm Never Going to Tell You About Homeschooling

Capturing the little moments of Catholic joy in the Domestica Ecclesiae. In the midst of first trimester pregnancy misery, I managed to pull together our first official celebration of St. Lucy's Day. It won't guarantee that they never stray... but it is an investment in Love... which is enough in the moment. 


My first baby turned 18 last month. That does weird things to a mama's heart and mind... especially when she's simultaneously carrying her youngest son in her womb. Mothering doesn't get easier when they grow older... it just changes. In some ways, it gets harder. Because we're no longer just defending little knees from concrete but their very souls. My oldest is going through the early years of vocation discernment and has been writing about it. I'm a bit biased and a bit fond of him but I encourage you to read about how he is approaching his journey...

Discernment Through Experience

While some of my kids are dreaming about the biggest questions in life and preparing to fly the nest, others are experiencing their first Christmas presents and popsicles. The needs of both need to be considered. I had to Instagram my cherished fabric Christmas bags that save my sanity and sleep on on Christmas Eve when the excitement of Midnight Mass and the busyness threaten to keep me up until dawn. I don't wrap, I stuff. And I sleep. It's wonderful. 


People sometimes assume that my years of severe chronic pain were just a freak thing totally unique to me, and that most other people don't have to worry about a link between food and pain. This article does an amazing job of explaining why arthritis (or arthritis-like symptoms) have a whole lot to do with what we eat. 
Thank you to Gina at Someday Saints for the link ...

The Joint-Gut Connection: How Rheumatoid Arthritis Originates in the Digestive Tract

Recording my frugal healing adventures on Instagram. Systemic inflammation has been a chronic battle for me and the benefits of turmeric are well know. I had a great time listening to podcasts and putting my turmeric into my own capsules!


This article really hit home with me and I know with so many women I know. The author expresses one of the strong reasons that is driving me to reach out deliberately and purposefully with my wellness journey on the blog this year. The emails and messages and comments I'm receiving... so many... tell me countless numbers of us are walking this same journey to different degrees and with varying different details. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual sickness... we carry these crosses. But I still believe that we can rise and thrive ...

When No One Thinks You 'Look' Ill


I don't get out a lot lately... sticking close to home growing a baby and healing. But when I do get out, I like to prove I was there... and take some grainy pics to remember the beautiful journey. When little boys grow taller than many men. And learn to fly a little more... a little more.... a little more...

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